Demetrius AustinEnergetic, powerful, award-winning – those are just a few of the words often used to describe the work of photographer Demetrius Austin. Based out of Denver, Colorado, Demetrius Austin photography specializes in health, sports, and fitness action photography producing progressive, thought-provoking images. Whether shooting for commercial businesses, ad agencies, or individuals, the very same energy and determination visible on the faces of Demetrius’ subjects are ever-present in Demetrius as well.

Demetrius offers a rare blend of detail-orientation coupled with creativity and an imaginative approach to photography – exacting precision detail in every aspect of lighting, imagery, and perspective. As a former technologist with a storied career in the United States Air Force, Microsoft and various technology ventures, Demetrius’ attention to detail places his work quality in a class of its own. In fact, he has been awarded Sports Photographer of the year by 303 Magazine.

Demetrius has a passion for world travel, a love for fine wines, and is giddy for all things ‘geek’. When he isn’t behind a camera lens, Demetrius can be found with his family – including his best friend and wife Katrina and their two children Allister & Chloé.


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Cherry Creek Studio
Denver, CO 80206