The Approach

Demetrius sets out to capture energy and power with every click of the shutter. Sports & fitness isn’t just about the game to Demetrius, but the hard work, preparation and sweat that prepares you for it.

As he states, “The visual aesthetic you see in my images do not come from overnight success, but the culmination of hours, days, weeks and years of trial, error and hard work. There’s no other way for me to present my work, but in a style that represents that effort.”

Demetrius creates very high quality images that are meant to pass the test of the most demanding Art Director. While avoiding shortcuts, Demetrius focuses as much on collaboration as he does the creative and photographic process that makes his work stand out. He doesn’t aim for pretty; his images conceptually explore the very nature of physical activity. Demetrius wants to photograph the human form as the ultimate machine, visually depicting concepts like power, victory, strength and determination.

Be a discriminating client! Appreciate and expect creative artwork for your brand! Contact Demetrius to begin the conversation.

Demetrius is available for travel.